Photography, Graphic Design, and Illustration based in Chesapeake, VA.

My name is Lauren, a Hampton Roads native, and I have been a photographer since 2009...I started in Hawaii when my husband was deployed in Afghanistan. What better place to dive headfirst into the photography world than on an island with such beautiful scenery! The military brought us back to my "home" in 2012 where we've been living in Chesapeake, Virginia just down the road from where I grew up in Virginia Beach. My husband just recently retired from the Navy and we are so excited to start fresh with a new chapter of our lives in the civilian world. 


I love to photograph anything that truly inspires me in the creative sense...and for me personally, that includes capturing the pure love between a couple, the excitement of an engagement, and every detail that comes with all of the planning a client has put into creating the wedding of their dreams. My passion for photography is having the ability to tell stories with my images and not just be a "picture taker."

I would absolutely love to tell your story in whatever chapter of life you may be in, so feel free to send me an email via the contact section of this page, to [email protected], or on Facebook!